Youth Participation in Sustainable Development

Bakgrunn og mål



  1. Youth population today is around 30% of world population and it is critical to involve them in decision-making processes that are going to impact their lives in few years.


  1. Constitute decision-making consultative organs that facilitate dialogue between the youth communities and decision-makers like local, regional and national authorities.
  2. Empower these organs with instruments to make their suggestions binding on the authorities.
  3. Establish mechanisms that give youth communities access to information and freedom to disseminate that information to evolve initiatives to achieve sustainable development in the core areas of environment and democracy.
  4. Youth groups in the project work on building strategies to promote gender equality to bring the whole youth community in the mainstream.
  5. Participant groups draft and evaluate environmental projects/issues in their local areas and share their experiences




  1. Active student participation in the project.
  2. Motivating students to take ownership of their own strategies.
  3. Students in cooperation design strategies that they feel will improve/enhance local environment.
  4. Involving students in decision-making processes both in the project, school level and regional level.
  5. Making school administration more available for student inputs and implementing strategies proposed by the project.